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Office Space Planning in Peterborough


Office Now work with many companies in the Peterborough area to offer Office Space Planning Services. Based in Kimbolton, we are just a short trip up the A1 to Peterborough and can help small, medium and large businesses get the most from their office space.


Office Space Planning goes hand-in-hand with Office Design and helps to make sure you make the most of the office space you have available and that staff work in an efficient and comfortable environment. Our service aims to identify what you are trying to achieve with your office space. It may be that you are moving to larger premises and grow your business or that you are downsizing and need to fit the same number of people into a smaller space.  You might even just be planning new areas in the office such as a board room or meeting room or even a break-out area or kitchen. Whatever the reason, space planning is the starting point that helps you make the best use of the space you have.


Many businesses think that Office Space Planning only applies for large companies. That is not true. We work with many small businesses in the Peterborough area and we can even assist with home offices. Space Planning can actually be more beneficial when the space you have available is very limited.


Office Now also supplies a large selection of Office Furniture including:


Office Desks


Office Chairs


Office Storage Solutions


Office Screens and Partitions


Office Tables


For our customers in the Peterborough area we are able to offer FREE delivery on all Office Furniture to help you make your project more affordable or just stretch your budget a bit further.



Find Out More About Space Planning


If you are considering a new Office or do have space issues and are in the Peterborough area then why not Contact Us? Our team are highly skilled and experienced in Office Space Planning and are on hand to answer questions and make suggestions and they can also explain in detail how our service works.


If you are outside the Peterborough area, we can help too. Our service is nationwide so please get in touch.


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